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Robust and Unlimited
AmusedCloud is a proven and simplified cloud storage and collaboration platform that aids customers to be wise in their strategies, operations and processes. Organizations use AmusedCloud to improve efficiency, solve problems, create opportunities, boost productivity, lower operational costs and drive innovation that makes them more competitive and successful. In Enterprise2.0, whether it’s with customers, partners, or employees, AmusedCloud’s Enterprise Social Network Tools, Enterprise Content Management Solutions, Content-Centric Applications, File Synchronization and Backup Services are adding more social aspects to their present working environments. Know more about AmusedCloud
Enterprise Social Network (ESN) AmusedCloud features multiple social media tools for most or all members to use as collaboration vehicles for sharing knowledge with other members. With video, wikis, podcasts, blogs, Twitter-like microblogging and members "likes" all will upgrade powerfully all communication behind the firewall. AmusedHub and AmusedNet are industry leading Enterprise Social Networking solutions from AmusedCloud to educational institutions and enterprises.

AmusedCloud realizes people’s social need in enterprises and offers the flexibility, agility and efficiency benefits of cloud without compromising the rich social experience and comprehensive portfolio of on-premises deployments that enable businesses to grow faster, reduce operational costs and cut down information governance and security risks. Learn more about "Amused" ESNs.
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) AmusedCloud assists to manage organization’s information easily through simplifying storage, security, version control, process routing and retention. The benefits to an organization include secured environment, improved efficiency, better control and reduced costs. AmusedCloud ECM is widely covering document management, web content management,search, collaboration, records management, digital asset management (DAM), advanced case management, work-flow management, capture and scanning.

AmusedCloud contains a set of defined enterprise content management processes that allow a corporation, agency or organization to obtain, organize, store and deliver information crucial to its operation in the most effective manner possible. AmusedCloud combines its cloud storage with on-premises appliances, managed sync clients and mobile apps in a unified, hybrid architecture that delivers storage, data protection and collaboration capabilities in a single, cost-effective solution. Learn more about AmusedCloud ECM
AmusedSync AmusedSync is the Smart, Cheapest, RESTful and Easier than ever syncing application to Share and Sync any files - documents, music, photos and video or folders across the workplaces, Collaborate by keeping all shared files up to date in real time for teams, handle automatically version control and backing up objects to the cloud. Learn more about AmusedSync
  • Start with AmusedCloud


    Start with AmusedCloud

    AmusedCloud is a Proven and unanimously-appreciated Cloud Technology to Back up people’s any Personal or Business Data – files, documents, photos, music and videos. Storage as a Service from AmusedCloud is for the person or enterprise who wants to securely back up their data from unforeseen contingencies like file corruption, accidental deletion, or hardware failure. AmusedCloud provides a personal storage space on the Internet and It's unlimited, secure, powerful and it's there forever.

  • Move on with AmusedSync


    Move on with AmusedSync

    Essentially, AmusedCloud knows the rising need of people to share and collaborate data between multiple devices at separate locations. To make it simple and more flexible for the people to manage data and work, AmusedCloud delivers a trustful, automatic and economic-featured AmusedSync application. With AmusedSync, you can sync whatever the data you want to a variety of devices whether it is a PC, laptop, Smart phone, or tablet, etc and you will also get online cloud storage for all your files - documents, music, photos and video from AmusedCloud. After sign up at AmusedCloud, download AmusedSync application for your operating systems respectively and install at your devices.

  • Automatic Back up and Sync


    Automatic Back up and Sync

    AmusedSync starts to upload and download continuously whatever data from anywhere at anytime from any device powered by AmusedCloud, highly-scalable storage solution with the ability to retrieve and leverage data the way you want to, and grow when you need to. Any changes you make will be saved and synced back across your other devices instantly by AmusedSync which automatically syncs your files to the AmusedCloud, where you can manage them from any Internet-connected device - including your smartphone or tablet. This way, the latest version of a file you saved on your desktop is available on your smartphone.

  • Easy Sharing and Versioning


    Easy Sharing and Versioning

    AmusedSync has made it easier for just Sharing large files and folders. Generate a public or custom link for any file or folder and share it with friends on any email, IM, social media like Facebook, Twitter, or even on your blog. When recipients click the link, they will be able to download the file or the entire folder - no sign up required. Every time you make a change, your work is automatically saved to AmusedCloud and synced back. In fact, AmusedSync saves unlimited versions of a document so it's easy to revert to an earlier version and storage settings at AmusedCloud dashboard makes version control efficiently.

  • Access Your Data From Anywhere, Anytime, From Any Device


    Access Your Data From Anywhere, Anytime, From Any Device

    Cloud storage is convenient and more flexible to come by AmusedSync, that gives much freedom to access, sync, share and search your files from any device, at anytime, anywhere. For example, if you travel frequently or often work on multiple computers or devices, you'll definitely get amused with AmusedSync’s cloud ability. Just sign in to the www.amusedcloud.com website from any Internet-connected device to manage your remote data and access synced data automatically by AmusedSync at all your devices. No more thumb drives or emailing files to yourself. Everything stays organized and up-to-date so you don't have to think about it.

PC-Backup PC-Backup™ is a Revolutionary Backup Solution from AmusedCloud with very affordable cost to back up all of your computers to the cloud automatically. It uses thin client application and AmusedCloud’s own storage space to back up all your computer’s files continuously. PC- Backup™ - A Secure, Reliable, Fully Automated, Easy to restore, Share and Sync coupled with Infinite Storage space. Learn more about PC-Backup
How PC-Backup™ works?
  • Install
  • Backup with Sync
  • Relief & Relax
  • Data Access

After sign up at AmusedCloud by selecting nearest storage location, download and install PC-Backup™ - "a thin client application” on your computer with respective of operating system & complete your configurations. Once you install PC-Backup™, you'll never have to remember to back up again. PC-Backup™ is available for mobiles and tablets as well.

PC-Backup™ starts upload and all your data will be backed up automatically that runs continuously in the background to protect new and changed files whenever your computer is connected to the internet. Sync data between computers, mobiles, tablets and cloud is the amazing component of PC-Backup™. Mobile or tablet devices use PC-Backup™ to backup, access and manage, not to restore backed up computers.

PC-Backup™ and unlimited AmusedCloud storage space become responsible for backing up automatically and protecting your computers & data. Also AmusedCloud is assuring high grade security during transfer to and from by Server Side Encryption (SSE) and different access control mechanisms. AmusedCloud dashboard provides all controls and features to manage your backed up computers and data.

You can access your backed up computers & data using any internet-connected computer or smartphone. PC-Backup™ restore feature is the easiest method to get back your data when you need at any computer. Share, Versioning, Archiving, Trash, Team, Storage settings, Upload, Rename, Move and Manage computers are the handy functions at AmusedCloud dashboard to manage and access your data.

Custom Storage Services Customized Storage Services by AmusedCloud is a dedicated design to meet the unique needs of clients and customers to create and/or coordinate the fastest, most secure, reliable and most cost-effective storage solutions for each their storage needs. Learn more about Custom Services
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